My name is Duds Daquilanea

Duds Daquilanea

Duds Daquilanea

Web and Graphic Designer

My design philosophy? If the love fits ... wear it baby 🙂


The name comes from the word “Duday”, meaning small. I am a part-time freelancer from Iloilo City, Philippines. Dudsonline is an experiment that turned into a  hobby that radiated into a passion. I love to read and learn how to make the web useful and make it look lovely and easy for users. I love to convey messages through typography and graphics. I love it when a job comes back to the printers and it was just how I imagined it to be. While my day job pays for the bills, this passion allows me to meet new people, see new things and play with new toys. The journey has been challenging, satisfying and rewarding. I am blest to have the liberty to play and work at the same time.

Dudsonline Web and Graphics Designs offers one artist – me; who also manages, markets, bookkeeps, creates and cleans.


To have a creative outlet for self-expression and imagination.


To enjoy and learn the trade and earn enough to support the art and my passion for it.


Satisfied clients, a contented and capable web and graphic artist, a creative and stress-free workplace.

In Design

"I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."

Vincent Van Gogh


Print Jobs


Web Design

Web Design

A good web design targets the intended audience and slows them down long enough to get the organizational message or the business appeal through. Static, Wordpress or Joomla - whichever fits your need.

Print Layouts

Print Layouts

Layout for print media includes banners, backdrops, billboards, exhibits, posters, brochures, menus, catalogs, flyers, magazines and newspaper ads, business cards, invitations, company signage, book covers, manuals, souvenir programs.

Product Branding

Product Branding

A brand is one of the most valuable elements in any advertising media. A brand image may be developed by attributing a “personality” to or associating an “image” with a product or service.

Vector Art

Vector Art

Vector art are basic and simplistic illustrations, consisting of lines, points, and curves. It is akin to the type of imaging used to create cartoon images found in comic strips.

Photo Editing

Photo Editing

A photo fix for a website, for an entire product catalog, for a print layout or a billboard is sometimes just what you need to make an ad work.


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ILEDFI website

Website Planning

I used to ask new clients to answer a two-page worksheet before making a website. Just to know where to start. Most of them find it tedious and too much work. I learned later that a better way to understand what the client wants is just to listen to them. The trick of the trade, and I wrote this down and pinned it where I can see it everyday: B4 anything else, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

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"To a client who once told me, It shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes to do this. Why are you charging so much for so little work? My response was: It only takes 20 minutes because I have 20 years of knowledge and experience to back me up."

Tony D. Clark,

How to work with a graphic artist

Here is a piece of information for you from the graphic artist’s side. Most of them, especially the freelance ones (me included!), are terrified of never ending changes.

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website mock-ups

Choosing Your Web Designer and Planning Your Website

Here are some suggestions you might want to consider before selecting your web designer.

Skill and relationship. To some extent, the ability to work successfully with your web designer is sometimes as important as their actual skill in being able to deliver the project. A web designer that is skilled in what they do but is difficult to deal with can make the whole process frustrating and not worth the money being spent. Here’s a tip: I know what I’m doing and I am generally likeable 🙂

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