How to work with a graphic artist

Here is a piece of information for you from the graphic artist’s side. Most of them, especially the freelance ones (me included!), are terrified of never ending changes.

These are little updates that quickly add up to a lot of time being wasted and usually a worse design than what you started with. While you may think your getting a better deal and more work out of the artist, what really happens is both of you end up with a relationship that is breaking down and costs that are piling up!

The best way to avoid this is to get the graphic artist a better understanding of your vision and develop rough designs or sketches for approval. Once the client approves the idea, a designer prepares layouts of the sketches by using modern techniques like photography, illustration and computer-generated imagery. The layouts, once approved by the client, are printed and then set up for exhibits or for advertising purposes.

Bad Creative Critics

By Tom Fishburne

It has to be understood that a graphic designers do not have their own style. They are limited with the requirements of production and that will always restrict their artistic expression. Their job is to provide the idea that would fit their client’s view of their company and organizational goals are.

Here’s are the most common client feedbacks that drive a graphic artist out of their minds. The ones’s you will see were created for posters and are actual artist experience: Worst Client Comment Posters