Dinagyang Tickets

Project Description

The Dinagyang is Iloilo City’s annual festival of impressive choreography, striking costumes and converges the Ilonggo craftmanship, artistry and love for life. Kasadyahan is the event that happens a day before Dinagyang that showcase homegrown products and services of Iloilo.

Doing layouts for Dinagyang and Kasadyahan tickets and IDs for the Iloilo Provincial Capitol for the last nine years has given me the excuse to watch the pageantry and the ingenuity of the Ilonggo’s. It has also developed a strong appreciation for the festival and all the efforts done to make it happen. Dinagyang is held every fourth weekend of January,

Project Details

  • Client: Province of Iloilo
  • Tasks:  Print layouts for Dinagyang and Kasadyahan tickets, Staff IDs and banner
  • Date: Almost every year since 2006