Nami-nami gid ya!  Hilibion ko ya! (It’s very nice! It’s so nice I cried!) Thank you so much!”

– Rebecca Hilado-Emboltura (for the crane invitation)

Project Description

Invitations are always fun to design because of the character you need to bring to a card to personalize it for the invitee. Sometimes I do the invites on my own or I partner with my sister, Noodles (yes, that’s what they really call her).

The paper crane invitation is one of my favorites.

We’ve been doing all sorts of invites for debuts, weddings, baptism, events, birthdays, even thank you cards for families whose loved ones has passed.

We have recently procured a printer that will let us make and print invites for our clients. Our favorite part of the invitation design process is always the conceptualization. It always involves getting to know the invitee and what they like.

Project Details

  • Client: Various clients
  • Tasks: Concept, design, layout, actual card making and printing
  • Date: 2009 to present