The Mack Brothers

“I am so impressed with your work.”

-Rosette Mcmillan, Seattle Washington, USA

Project Description

The Mack Brothers was one of four vector images I created for Rosette McMillan. It was just after typhoon Frank flooded our home and the project was a much welcomed distraction from the flash flood that destroyed most of our belongings. The image was drawn by hand using a Wacom Tablet and colored with Photoshop.

She sent me original photos she wanted to be drawn by vector art. She was very much pleased with the first one, she commissioned me for three more, one for each son and another for her niece, Olivia.

Printed in large movie-poster sized tarpaulins, they were sent to the United States and were used to decorate the kids’ new rooms.

Project Details

  • Client: Rosette Mcmillan
  • Tasks: Vector Art, Posters
  • Date: August 2008