Uygongco Group of Companies

Project Description

Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation (Philforemost) is one of the first few companies in Iloilo who had a website. The Uygonco Group of Companies started with Philforemost with a static website. It markets their flour products and feeds line. The website has been online for seven years now and will soon be upgraded to a CMS site.

A year later, we started making the website for the La Filipina Uy Gongco Corporation (LFUG), the umbrella group of the companies. The corporation sells bakery supplies, livestock commodities, fertilizers, consumer products and real estate.

Three years later, the Uygongco Foundation, Inc. (UFI) website went online. It reports all the activities of the Uygongco gruop of companies and facilitates the social responsibility projects. It is a static website that is being maintained by one of the staff of UFI.

Project Details

  • Client: Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation
  • Tasks: Static website re-design
  • Date: December 2007
  • Client: La Filipina Uy Gongco Corporation
  • Tasks: Static website design
  • Date: May2008
  • Client: Uygongco Foundation, Inc.
  • Tasks: Static website design
  • Date: May 2011